Haseloh Innovations

Metro Tanks Ltd.

Made in Canada Oilfield Solutions

HAAS VF3 25 Tool CNC Milling Center

               5 Axis Milling

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SmartCam ​Computer Aided Machining

Computer Aided 3D Modeling


All products designed and built by Haseloh Innovations are manufactured 

with precision CNC equipment. 

Computer aided Design and Computer aided Machining ensure top quality product. 25 Years experience in Industry.

Haseloh Innovations offers customers a blend of advanced modeling and design with precision CNC manufacturing capabilities. By maintaining tight control on each project through a computer administrated quality control program, Haseloh Innovations ensures your project is delivered to your exact specifications.

Haseloh Innovations gives the customer, final and complete system control through specially designed electronic interfaces at costs that you expect from off-the-shelf product lines.