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Video of 320 AMPSCOT Pump Jack Belt                  Tensioner

  • Automatic pump jack belt tension device.
  • Eliminates belts being thrown off.
  • No loss of friction during precipitation.
  • Increase SPM by eliminating belt slippage which increases production.

Video of 80 Series IronHorse Pump Jack Belt                 Tensioner 

TITE-JAC is the system to use to ensure proper belt

tension at all times. With high angular systems it is extremely hard to set and to maintain proper belt tension. TITE-JAC maintains proper belt tension at all times, even as belts stretch under load. TITE-JAC takes up the slack.

Infinitely adjustable spring tension. Loosen rear nut on main upright tube, and turn main pivot shaft in direction indicated, after adjustment is made simply retighten rear nut.  

Click Button for a printable .pdf on how to measure your Pump Jack for a Tite-Jac ​and printable .pdf

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  ​7° Tilt                        20° Tilt                       34° Tilt

Tite-Jac can be tilted to suit many different angles and heights of belts on Pump Jacks

Made in Canada Oilfield Solutions

  ​A division of Metro Tanks Ltd.

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320 Ampscot 40" Fully adjustable C/W

Mounting Hardware $2495.00​

HG 456C 36" Fully adjustable C/W
Mounting Hardware$2495.00

Tite-Jac can be configured to fit many

different types of Pump Jacks. Custom built mounting hardware to your specifications, usually within 2 working days.

Worried that your Tite-Jac will not fit?

print off the .pdf and provide the measurements of your Pump Jack.

After filling in required dimensions scan and email to metrotanksltd@gmail.com