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Haseloh Pipe Line Sampler™

Max. Working Pressure. 2500 Psi (17,000 Kpa)
Temperature Range. -40°F – 100°F (-40° C – 38°C)
Available Male Sizes 1/2” NPT

NOTE: A bushing can be used for larger size ball valves 

The Haseloh Pipe Line Sampler™ is effective in collecting samples of the process fluid, safely and at any level in the process pipe line. The Haseloh Pipe Line Sampler™ is effective for the following conditions:

No loss of any process fluid while taking samples

Ability to take multiple samples from bottom, middle and top of pipeline, safely and easily.

All wetted parts constructed out of Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance .
All O-rings are Viton, a fluoroelastomer which provides higher temperatures ratings and better chemical resistance then Buna N O-rings

                         Retail Price: $850.00 CAD

Haseloh Innovations

Made in Canada Oilfield Solutions

  ​A division of Metro Tanks Ltd.