The Haseloh Gauge Guardian™
The Gauge Guardian™ provides important protection for Gauges and sensors on pipelines, well heads and process control plants. The Gauge Guardian™ protects the gauge or sensor against contaminated fluid  This valve also protects against catastrophic loss of fluid if the gauge or sensor is sheared off. The Gauge Guardian™ also provides freeze off protection all the way from the process fluid to the gauges and sensors.

All Gauges are NACE Certified for Sour gas service.

All Gauges NACE Certified for Sour Gas Service, C/W Dual read out face PSI/Kpa.

600 PSI Gauge C/W Gauge Guardian™     $180.00 Can.

1000 PSI Gauge C/W Gauge Guardian™   $180.00 Can.

2000 PSI Gauge C/W Gauge Guardian™   $180.00 Can.

Discounts for 10 or more available.

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Kohler CH740 V-Twin power pack, with remote oil filters and automatic oil adding options.

320 AMPSCOT Pump Jack Belt                         Tensioner

Pump Jack Engines

Kohler CH740 V-Twin Power Pack Powering 114 Series Weatherford Pump Jack.

  • Automatic pump jack belt tension device.
  • Eliminates belts being thrown off.
  • No loss of friction during precipitation.
  • Increase SPM by eliminating belt slippage which increases production.

320 Ampscot 40" Fully adjustable C/W

Mounting Hardware $2495.00​

HG 456C 36" Fully adjustable C/W
Mounting Hardware$2495.00

Tite-Jac can be configured to fit many

different types of Pump Jacks. Custom built mounting hardware to your specifications, usually within 2 working days.

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Kohler CH740 V-Twin Power Pack Powering 80 Series Weatherford Pump Jack.

  • Low cost pump jack re-power option
  • Uses less propane than an automotive engine
  • Ideal for remote sour sites, using Propane
  • Casing gas compatible, some restrictions apply.

Haseloh Innovations

Metro Tanks Ltd.

Made in Canada Oilfield Solutions

80 Series IronHorse Pump Jack Belt               Tensioner