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40" - 1900.00 plus installation based on location
36" - 1800.00 plus installation based on location
30" - 1700.00 plus installation based on location

80 Series IronHorse Pump Jack Belt               Tensioner 

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Kohler CH740 V-Twin power pack, with remote oil filters and automatic oil adding options.

320 AMPSCOT Pump Jack Belt                         Tensioner

Pump Jack Engines

Kohler CH740 V-Twin Power Pack Powering 80 Series Weatherford Pump Jack.

  • Low cost pump jack re-power option
  • Uses less propane than an automotive engine
  • Ideal for remote sour sites, using Propane
  • Casing gas compatible, some restrictions apply.

Kohler CH740 V-Twin Power Pack Powering 114 Series Weatherford Pump Jack.

  • Automatic pump jack belt tension device.
  • Eliminates belts being thrown off.
  • No loss of friction during precipitation.
  • Increase SPM by eliminating belt slippage which increases production.